Beaverton, Oregon is the second-largest city in Washington County and is home to the global footwear corporation Nike. Also named as one of the 100 best places to live in America in 2010 by the popular U.S. magazine Money, it is also the heart of the economic center of the region.


Before the fame and global recognition, the area was originally inhabited by the Atfalati Tribe. Known to be hunters and gatherers, they occupied the Tualatin Valley and the region called Chakeipi near the Fanno Creeks.

Settlement began in 1847 with the Hall Family from Kentucky as the earliest settlers in the area. The Hall family built a grist mill in the area. This mill was instrumental to the earlier industries in the region which is agriculture. In fact, Beaverton’s agricultural lands supported several areas in Oregon.

The rapid increase in settlement began after the end of the American Civil War in the area. The region was not incorporated up until 1893. By that time the region had a population of 400.

Today, Beaverton is home to 99,561 residents made up of veterans and retirees, professional employees, students and foreign immigrants.

As for job opportunities, most of the professionals working in Beaverton are under the Health care and social assistance industry, professional, scientific and technical services, and manufacturing. Major companies and employers located in the area include Intel, Volt Services, Cypress Semiconductor, Tektronix Inc, Home Depot, IBM, Wendy’s International Inc, Adidas America, and Version Northwest Telecommunications.

Before Nike found its home in the city Beaverton was a host to automobile dealerships. Although it is not the main industry thriving in the city at present, there are still several dealerships located near Canyon Roads and Walker.

There are plenty of things to do in the city. However, similar to Portland, there are quite a lot of rainy days in the area. The best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors is during July . There are quite a number of lovely nature destinations in the area, all accessible from the many neighborhoods in the region. Among the popular parks in the area includes the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, The Cooper Mountain Nature Park, and the Tualatin Valley.

Boutique wineries are also a must see in the area. Great bargains can be also enjoyed in the many tax-free shopping centers and brick and mortar shops in the area. Some of the best local destinations to see in the area include the gorgeous Belle Ainsworth Jenkins Estate, Decarli – a famous Italian restaurant in the area, Hamacher Wines located on the Ponzi Historic Estate and the exciting and entertaining escape rooms in the city center area.

Beaverton, Oregon is located on the outermost eastern region of the Tualatin Valley, west of the Tualatin Mountains. Portland is located a few minutes to the east of the city while Hillsboro is located on the west. Tigard is at the southern portion of the region. The rest of the surrounding areas are part of the unincorporated areas in Washington County.

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