Scalable Cloud Computing, Simplified

With many line-of-business applications moving to the cloud, and many area organizations choosing to maintain a work-from-anywhere policy, it’s easy to see why Portland businesses are accelerating digital transformation by adopting more and more cloud computing workflows.

Cloud technology is quickly becoming a top leadership and business owner focus, as small to medium-sized businesses pivot from a one-off approach to a more comprehensive, top-to-bottom transformation, with cloud-based solutions taking center stage.

A decision to refocus IT services strategies around cloud computing requires a careful review of key factors, such as productivity and cybersecurity applications, functionality features, storage usage, number of employees and endpoints, scalability, acceptable backup and recovery times, and more.

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Gain Clarity in Cloud Computing

Not sure if a cloud environment is right for your organization? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you running business applications that are reaching end -of-life or are no longer supporting on-premise utilization?
  • Is it getting close to time to replace your server or multiple workstations?
  • Does your business growth plan require scalability, such as adding more locations, more employees working remotely, or more endpoints?

With IT consulting from Compass Computing Group, we’ll help your organization adopt cloud solutions that meet your changing productivity needs while reducing your capital expenses.  We’ll provide a data-driven assessment, identifying the optimal time to migrate some or all of your tech processes.

Managed Cloud Services

Top benefits of cloud computing


Leverage the ability to quickly and easily add or reduce IT resources to meet changes in demand.


Take collaboration and sharing to the next level. Cloud software enhances a company’s ability to manage big data, to maintain security and, of course, to work together to solve challenges.


Cloud computing runs on data centers located worldwide: providing regular upgrades to ensure fast and efficient computing, reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale.


Eliminate capital expenses, such as buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site data centers. Cloud allows you to allocate your cloud spend across business units, products, cost centers and roles.


Alleviate latency issues and increase speed across all applications and connections. Services are provided self-service and on-demand, so even larger computing resources can be accessed quickly.

Our Cloud Strategy and Maintenance Programs Include:

  • Cloud migration strategy and deployment
  • Fully managed migration projects (typically zero downtime)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Continuous maintenance and uptime monitoring
  • ISO 27001 compliance
  • SOC 2: Type 1 compliance
  • PCI:DSS compliance
  • Guidance on data residency and industry regulation compliance

Why Portland organizations turn to Compass Computing Group for Cloud Computing

New Cloud Integration

We build agile, scalable solutions to help you with your cloud computing journey.

Existing Data Migration

Compass Computing Group ensures the accurate, timely transfer of your data.

Ongoing Cloud Management

Clients receive transparent, comprehensive and continuous performance reporting, monitoring and IT support for all of your cloud-based solutions.

Schedule a Complimentary Cloud Assessment

We’ll help you find the best cloud solution for your organization.

With countless options available, evaluating which solution is best for your application can be a challenge. Our cloud-native experts are backed by years of experience and certifications from top vendors, including AWS and Azure.

Working alongside your team, we will provide a cloud-agnostic, independent analysis based on your unique needs. Our impartial, IT consulting cloud recommendations will incorporate goals based on performance, availability, manageability and cost.

Ready to gain clarity around cloud computing for your organization?