Compass – Hillsboro

You can rely on Compass Computing Group for all of your IT support needs. If you are in the Hillsboro area, look no further. 

At Compass Computing, we offer full-service IT support to Hillsboro businesses.

Formed in 1997, we built our business as an information technology company specializing in consultation on mainframe/midrange platforms, client server platforms, internet/intranet/development and training. We are certified by the State of Oregon as an Emerging Small Business (EMB).

We take pride in ensuring the quality and training of our staff and the development of long-term relationships with our clients. Above all, we value our customers and dedicate ourselves to supporting them. When you work with us, you’ll get quick responses, dedicated attention and high-quality customer service.

We have a history of exceeding our clients’ expectations and stand behind our work. Read on to learn more about the services we offer. 

IT Support – At Compass Computing, we offer complete IT support. Whatever your Hillsboro IT needs, we can ensure they are met. 

IT Services – All of your IT service needs can be taken care of with Compass Computing Group. We are available whenever you need our services or support and are eager to serve you. 

Managed IT Services – We allow you to outsource all of your IT maintenance to us. We can take care of all needed IT services, processes and functions to ensure that your business operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Security – WIth our services, we ensure that your network security and cybersecurity are operating optimally and at peak performance. Because security is the bedrock of your IT function, we make sure that your data is safe, secure and protected so that your Hillsboro business can operate with the highest levels of security and success.