Disaster Can Take Many Forms

Ransomware Attacks

Increasingly more prevalent, ransomware
attacks can strike organizations of all sizes.
Peace of mind comes from knowing your
data is recoverable at any time.
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Natural Disasters
Natural disasters are an unavoidable reality
– and they come at a high cost to your
business when key systems are damaged.

System Outages

Hardware, software and data centers can
all fail. When they go down, your business
needs stay up and running.
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Disaster Can Take Many Forms
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Human Error
One of the most common threats to your
business continuity is human error. This
costly disaster is frequently unintentional
and difficult to prevent.
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Our solution is the only chain-free, end-to-end backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform to protect your company’s business continuity.

What Does Chain-Free Mean?

Our chain-free, image based solution eliminates the potential of broken, unusable backups, along with the need for intrusive reseeding of your
company’s data. This technology significantly reduces the amount of storage required for each backup; and can minimize the overall cost of infrastructure and time needed to have your systems running smoothly again.

Industry-leading BDR Appliances

With FastFlash SSD storage technology, we lead the industry with a 50x speed advantage during system recoveries.

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Total Server Protection

Data, operating systems, applications, and configurations — our solution relies on a full image-based backup so everything on your server is protected.

Recovery in Minutes, Not Weeks

Our solution can include an on-site Fast-Flash™ BDR appliance, used as a substitute server in the event of an outage, reducing downtime to the absolute minimum.

Multiple Recovery Techniques

Regardless of whether it is a simple server outage or a site-wide disaster, we offer multiple recovery techniques, including recovery in the cloud.

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Trusted Backup Provider

Your backups can be sent off-site to secure and compliant data centers, where cloud services are backed by a 100% cloud service-level agreement (SLA).

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