Considered as one of the fast-growing suburbs located a few minutes west of downtown Portland is the beautiful city of Hillsboro. Currently the fifth largest city in Oregon, this area is well-known for its tech companies, charming historical destinations, iconic homes, and the charming and bustling downtown area.


The original settlers in the region were the Tualaty Tribe of the Kalapuya. They stayed in the area for over 10,000 years before white settlers arrived.  It was later founded in 1842, the city was named after David Hill, an Oregon politician and one of the original founders of the European-American community in Hillsboro.

Today, Hillsboro, OR is home to an estimated population of 108,389 and is considered as a “beervana” for craft beer lovers.

There is a wide plethora of fun experiences to enjoy in the city. Nature adventure awaits at the Jackson Wetlands Preserve. History is quite rich in the area too. There are several properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places located in Hillsboro. Among the most popular include The Imbrie Farm, Old Scotch Church, Zula Linklater House, Harold Wass Ray House and the Rice-Gates House to name a few.

There are a few interesting secrets to discover in Hillsboro. Mysteriously tucked in one of its forests is a Boeing 727 airplane, hidden from the surroundings unless you have access to an eye-birds view from the top. The massive plane is the home of retired electrical engineer Bruce Campbell. The best part? You can tour inside this unique home with Campbell as your tour guide.

You do not have to go far from the downtown area to have a taste of the culture and arts of Hillsboro. The downtown itself serves as the main hub for art galleries, museums, live music venues, antique shops, and theater companies.

Considered as one of the best places to live in Oregon, the area offers a mix of urban and suburban vibe with most residents enjoying time inside their homes. Nightlife is busy yet the area is good for starting and growing a family. Young professionals compose a huge percentage of the residents in the area. Public schools are also plentiful. The Portland Adventist Elementary School, Burnt River School and the International School of Portland is also located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Manufacturing and technology-based companies are among the leading source of job opportunities in Hillsboro. It is home to Beaverton Foods, Silicon Forest, Intel, Synopsys, Epson and Salesforce. The corporate headquarters of Planar Systems and RadiSys are also located in Hillsboro.

Hillsboro weather is generally warm throughout the whole year compared to Portland and Beaverton, which enjoys a considerable amount of rain. Although some parts of the region like the Willamette Valley feature a lot of rain during the winter months, Hillsboro is generally a great place where you can enjoy exploring the outdoors all-year round.

Hillsboro, OR is located in the Tualatin Valley with parts of the area in the southern city limits located close to the Tualatin River. West of Hillsboro is Portland and Beaverton. Other neighboring communities that surround the area include North Plains, Reedville, Scholls, West Union, and Aloha.

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