We secure your business; you make it grow.

Cybersecurity does not have to be another headache. You can trust us to secure your business so that you can focus on growth opportunities.

Cybersecurity: Protect Your Business Assets

Threat actors do not wait to go after large businesses; they go after small businesses every day. Over 50% of all cyberattacks occur against SMBs. A single attack can cost companies thousands, including lost productivity and reputation. In 2021, attacks cost businesses a daunting $424 million.

Compass Computing is here to ensure your business is protected around the clock, keeping your network secured whether you access it from home or your office. With Compass Computing, Portland businesses know they have access to world-class cybersecurity protection from leading IT experts. Our professionals implement the latest tools and strategies to keep your business safe, whether from bad actors looking to launch a ransomware attack or someone trying to steal sensitive information through phishing.

Protecting every aspect of your technology footprint

At Compass Computing Group, we ensure the continuous security and availability of data to SMBs and enterprises in and around Portland, Oregon. We proactively maintain the performance of your network and the security of your data, giving you the reassurance that your data will always be safely available, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Our customized cybersecurity solutions are designed to your specific requirements and provide detailed notifications, reporting and dashboards. We help you choose the best solution, tailored specifically for the cybersecurity threats your organization faces.

We Are in the Business of Keeping You Secure

Our business is making it easier for you to do your business. Cybersecurity is one of the most critical issues for businesses to address. Companies of all sizes face growing threats and increasingly complex cybersecurity concerns, thanks to trends such as remote work, cloud networks, and the overall digitalization of business. You need to keep customer information, employee information, and sensitive business data secure. However, as organizations like yours grow, attackers are also there with enhanced tactics.

For over 25 years, Portland businesses have turned to Compass Computing as their defense team. Our layered security protection includes virus scanning, intrusion detection, firewalls, anti-ransomware software, and off-site backups, all working together to keep you safe. We use Security Operations Centers (SOC) to monitor your networks if you have regulatory oversight. Our leading IT experts protect you from bad actors, human error, and more.

Protection that never rests

You might shut down your computer at the end of the day, but you can be confident that your sensitive information is fully protected 24/7/365.

Cybersecurity to lock your network doors and arm the alarm

We offer network protection that goes deep, offering layers of protections and alarms, so you always know what is going on in your business.

Protection for everything from smartphones to company networks

Cybersecurity does not just refer to the devices you use in your office; we help you protect all the devices that access your network and your off-site backups to keep your business secure.

We keep the bad guys out

Between worldwide remote assistance, system and security updates, cloud application support, and protection from advanced targeted attacks, you can trust us to keep the bad guys out.

Cybersecurity Services We Provide

Cybersecurity is not one thing, but a broad suite of tools and practices. As your trusted IT cybersecurity partner, we will identify, deploy, manage and provide transparency around the essential components that make up the broader whole of cybersecurity.

  1. Critical Infrastructure

    • Assess and identify vulnerabilities in both your physical and digital environments

    • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) execution

    • Business Continuity (BC) planning

  2. Cloud Security

    • Access control

    • Threat prevention, detection and mitigation

    • Redundancy and contingency plans

    • Legal and compliance

    • Policy and procedure maintenance

  3. Network Security

    • Firewalls

    • Anti-virus software

    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    • Behavioral analytics to detect abnormal network behavior

    • Least privilege access

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Connected devices compatibility and user interface

    • Central control panel and hardware

    • Data cloud management

    • Network interconnection

    • System security

  2. Ongoing Employee Training

    • Safe email usage and web browsing

    • Unauthorized software (Shadow IT)

    • Password best practices

    • Cyberthreat coaching

    • Understanding social engineering

    • Personal device use and any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies

4 steps to be cybersecure with Compass Computing Group

If you haven’t reviewed the IT infrastructure strategies you’ve developed in the last year, now is the time. We will work with you by examining and optimizing your data workflows, identifying the inefficiencies, cost sinkholes and productivity gaps that are holding your business back.


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Why trust Compass Computing Group for superior cybersecurity?

The best cyber experts. The best IT tools and partners.

We’ve partnered with the best vendors in the industry – leaders in their niches – with strong track records. This allows us to offer a true best-of-breed bundle that includes:

  • SentinelOne: Enterprise-class anti-virus software that enables 24/7 detection and immediate response, backed by a $1 million warranty
  • Axcient: Provides proven backups, flexible cloud storage and migration whenever necessary
  • Proofpoint: Protects your organization from email-based cyberattacks

We focus on protection so you can focus on business growth.

Your business cannot afford to remain unprotected.

If a small business is hit by malware, ransomware, or phishing, most have to close their doors within 6 months. To keep your business open, you need to keep it safe.