How much time are you spending on IT issues and what’s it costing you? IT has become an integral part of just about every business process – from operations to marketing to field workers. Quality IT support services are crucial to keeping all facets of your business up and running. With our personalized outsourced IT support services in Portland we handle all things IT, so you can focus on growing your business.

If you’re spending time thinking about IT and dealing with IT problems, you’re taking away from the time and effort you could be spending on your core business processes. At Compass, we think your IT should “just work.” Outsourced IT support services take IT off your plate so you can focus on what matters – your business. Your IT support at Compass includes the most technologically advanced cybersecurity support services to give you peace of mind that your company, data, and clients are protected.

3 Flexible IT Support Plans

1.    Foundation IT Support

Foundation gives you the right level of monitoring, support and threat prevention to meet critical needs. You’ll get 24/7 monitoring and alerts for all devices on your network, regular security updates and a ticket-based support system.

2.    Advanced Security IT Support

An integrated package to handle the entire range of your IT needs. In addition to Foundation Plan features, the Advanced plan gets you Office 365 support, an instant 24/7 Help Desk, an exclusive IT business alignment session and advanced protection from targeted cyberthreats.

3.    Advanced Security Plus IT Support

Enterprise-grade managed IT. Compromise-free, for the most demanding multi-user environments. Get all Advanced plan features plus mobile device management, hardware and software installation and a 24/7 SOC for complete security.

Flexible À La Carte IT Support Services

Pick and choose from our selection of flexible à la carte IT support services. Customize your IT support plan to perfectly meet your business needs.

  1. Email Service

  2. Server Backup

  3. Email Protection

  4. PC Backup

  5. Office 365 Backup

  6. Enterprise-Class Anti-Virus

  7. Security Awareness Training

Managed IT Services: Outsourced IT Support

We bundle best-of-breed security, productivity and recovery solutions to ensure that you get an enterprise-grade IT experience at a fraction of the cost. We back our Advanced and Advanced Plus plans with a dedicated, 24/7 Help Desk to proactively solve problems before they affect your business.

There are many ways to access Compass’ IT Security Solutions. Companies can choose from 3 tiers of managed IT service plans. All plans offer 24/7 monitoring and alerts for network, PCs and other devices, as well as immediate help desk response.

How It Works

Request a free security audit

Request a free security audit

Identify your business’ disaster recovery backup and security needs. Understand what works and what needs to be improved.

We customize and execute your solution

We customize and execute your solution

Every Compass solution is built around your specific needs. We’ll seamlessly integrate IT support and cybersecurity into your existing environment.

You rest easy

You rest easy

We take IT off your plate. You get to focus on your core business needs.

The Compass Difference

At Compass, the needle always points in one direction: towards the solutions that work best for your business. We provide best-of-breed IT support to clients across many different industries.

This allows us to tailor individual solutions to meet your needs and seamlessly integrate with your environment, regardless of the software you use. We started out as coders, and that mindset defines our approach: If there’s a problem, Compass will fix it.

Over 25 Years of IT Support Excellence

With over two decades of experience in small business IT support, we’ve seen it all. We’ve delivered managed IT support since the very beginning. With Compass just a phone call away, rest easy knowing your IT is supported.