When it comes to adding new technology to run your business, the options can be overwhelming. Your software, hardware and line-of-business applications all need to work together to increase efficiency, productivity, and security, all within your tech budget.

You need to partner with an outside expert tech partner that can help select, build, assess and maintain important infrastructure components.

Compass Computing Group solves tough tech challenges for Portland area businesses. We combine IT consulting expertise and software development know-how, and develop custom technology solutions for small to medium-sized organizations.

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Here are just a few of our more commonly requested IT services project offerings:

Custom Software Development

Sometimes, commercial line-of-business applications and software don’t quite meet the operational goals of your unique organization.

Custom software development may be what you need to succeed.

If you have a vision of how your business should run, our team of software development experts can make it happen. We’ll take the time to understand the unique tech needs of your company. We can design and implement solutions that align and integrate with your systems and processes, all at an affordable price.

Here is just a sampling of our software services that can help grow your business:

  • Custom Business Software
  • Systems Integration
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Portals
  • SaaS Product Development
  • Reporting, Dashboards, & Business Intelligence
  • Software Support & Evolution
  • Software Systems Analysis
  • Database Management
  • Accounting Software
  • CRM Software Services
  • Service Management Software

Building Stronger Wi-Fi Infrastructure

From PCs to smartphones and tablets to laptops, your on-site team deserves “full bars everywhere they are.” Oftentimes, properties struggle to provide good Wi-Fi across the entire campus, including outside locations.

Compass Computing Group can evaluate your current Wi-Fi infrastructure, expanding throughput requirements and maximizing the use of network connections. Then, we’ll offer recommendations for adjustments and migrate your Wi-Fi strategy to keep your team connected.

We can also monitor your wireless infrastructure, install firmware updates and continuously check for vulnerabilities that could indicate a security breach, as well as providing transparent reporting and troubleshooting.

Smarter Hardware Acquisition

Whether it’s for an end-of-the-year tax deduction, ordering budgeted items, or to replace outdated hardware, it may be time for you to order more tech.

Commonly requested hardware items that continue to present slow delivery times include:

  • Laptops optimized for remote work
  • Desktop PCs
  • Spare parts, such as batteries and motherboards (we can help you check to see if they are under warranty)
  • Backup devices
  • Docking stations
  • Monitors (significant backup due to glass shortage)
  • Access points (for example, software controllers are delayed due to chip shortage)
  • Video cards

Compass Computing Group is here to help you get it faster and at the best price possible.

Advanced Azure Architecture

Some organizations are moving workloads to virtual machines. Others are re-platforming legacy .NET applications to Windows containers. Then there are others building cloud-first applications using PaaS services or microservices.

Azure cloud services offered by Microsoft deliver cloud computing solutions with the ability to deploy and manage applications in the cloud. We help organizations leverage these services for improved uptime, connectivity and tech spending capabilities.

Compass Computing Group is a Microsoft Partner and direct CSP hosting provider. We build and deploy cloud-architected web applications for clients. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Full Stack Web Applications
  • Relational & Nonrelational Databases
  • Web Caches and Sockets
  • Containers & Kubernetes
  • Application Downtime Resolution
  • Performance Optimization
  • Application Migration Strategy

Our Azure certified cloud architects will conduct a holistic review of your cloud architecture, ensuring applications are resilient, scalable, efficient and cost effective.

Microsoft 365 Applications Migrations

With cloud computing application offerings increasing every day, more and more businesses are making the switch to Office 365 for its cloud-based and productivity communication and collaboration capabilities.

However, migrating systems can cause headaches and frustration. Employees need help adapting to new systems and, of course, you need to ensure your data security during the migration, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

At Compass Computing Group, we utilize road-tested migration solutions that will not only minimize the impact on your current business processes, but also quickly reduce your legacy infrastructure costs, enabling your enterprise to start proving ROI from your new service.

  • Access programming, VBA and SQL experts
  • Access databases, ranging from simple, one-table data entry forms to complex CRM ERP systems
  • Hosting services
  • Upgrading Excel applications to Access or putting Excel reporting front ends on Access databases
  • Robust dashboards and reporting capabilities

Crystal Reporting Management

When it comes to small or large Crystal Reports projects, Portland organizations need to decide if it’s better to attempt development yourself, with internal resources, or to outsource development to a firm that specializes in Crystal Reports. What is the better return on investment for time, quality and cost?

SQL Server Support

Compass Computing Group has SQL Server DBA’s that have been working with SQL Server since version 6.5.  We have created hundreds of SQL databases for our clients.  Many off the shelf software products use SQL Server as a data backend and be in need of tuning for better performance or need reliable backups.  We can provide you with:

  • Remote SQL DBA Services
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning
  • SQL Server Maintenance Plans
  • SQL Database design and Development
  • SQL Server Upgrades and Migrations

From software development to customized reporting, let the experts at Compass Computing Group take the hassle out of getting the data you need today for better decision making tomorrow.