Portland Art Museum

Like any valuable city attraction, the Portland Art Museum offers a wonderful way to spend the day viewing the variety of colors, materials, and mediums on display. The interesting variety will surely please any style you prefer and offer new styles to explore.

The American Art collection follows a chronological history through portraits, landscape paintings and masterfully created works including from Impressionism to Modernism. If you like a little more local or regional flavor, stroll through the Northwest Art collection. These pieces were created from artists in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. You will often find exhibitions for emerging artists in a variety of styles.

From across the ocean comes Asian Art European Art collections. Chinese, Japanese and Korean works cover an immense span of time portraying the historical relevance and value from ancient times. Find exquisite prints, ancient ceramics, furnishings and screens with calligraphy. Greek and Roman sculptures, Renaissance and Baroque paintings are sure to dazzle with color, historical richness and talent.

The Native American Art collection spans three floors and includes 3,500 pieces of historical significance. Hundreds of North American cultures are represented through masks, fabrics, paint and a variety of mediums to enjoy.

The Photography Collection boasts over 9,000 pieces including a particularly large Russian display, contemporary artists and Portland environmental images for portraying the surrounding area in a supremely beautiful and interesting fashion.

A must-see collection unique to the Portland Art Museum is the Silver Collection. In the more than 100 pieces on display, you’ll find Elizabethan, mid-Victorian and neo-classical styles spanning a time frame from the fifteenth century to today’s Arts and Crafts movement.

Whichever style, color, medium or time period you favor, you’ll find something to explore in the Portland Art Museum. Plan on s.pending the day browsing through all the collections and improving your own cultural horizons.

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