Adored for its parks and gardens, Portland, Oregon, also known as the “City of Roses” is a well-loved city esteemed for its arts, culture, food and dining experiences and livability.

The vibrant and scenic city is located in the Pacific Northwest and is considered as the largest city in the state.


Originally inhabited by the Upper Chinook Indians, fishing and trading served as the main source of living in the area. Berries, root vegetables and wapato were the most common products gathered and traded along the river of the region. The area in the Tualatin Plains was the main area for hunting.

Before earning its name Portland, the current site of the city was originally known as “The Clearing”. In the early 1840’s, it was a common area frequented by traders and travelers headed to Oregon City and Fort Vancouver.

During its first census in 1850, 821 inhabitants were recorded as the first official population in the area. Portland was already host to the largest settlement in the Pacific Northwest during that time. Although a frontier village, the city was starting to make its mark as a place for trading houses, hotels and newspapers.

At present, Portland, OR is home to over 652,503 residents and lands as the 25th-most populated city in the whole of the United States. The city attracts a lot of immigrants and is considered to be one of the best cities to live in America. The mountains and the beaches are just an hour away from the city.

Professionals are among the most common new residents of t he area. Portland offers stable job markets with plenty of huge tech and health companies located in the area.

Intek, Tektronix, Oregon Health & Science University, Adidas, Columbia, Under Armor, and the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton are among the top companies located in the region.

Nonprofit organizations are also quite plentiful in the area. Although salaries are quite lower than in other cities, the fierce competition for work balances everything making the city a haven for professionals looking for career growth.

Portland weather is mostly rainy throughout the whole year. The city experiences long and wet winters especially in the western areas of Oregon, including Portland. The months of October to May are the rainiest time of the year to be in Portland. At least one snow or ice storm can be experienced during the winter season. July brings the sun and gives locals and tourists enough time to enjoy and explore Portland’s outdoors.

The unique city landscape of Portland offers plenty of picturesque destinations, iconic buildings and stunning bridges to see.

The western bank in the promenade area is home to the contrasting colors of the Steel Bridge, Broadway Bridge, and the Fremont Bridge.

A living relic from the 1980’s, the Portland Building is one of the most popular post-modern structures located in the city.

Going around the city is fun and easy. Although it is too small to host a subway, the city features a comprehensive public transport network featuring light rail tracks and street cars that look like cute little trains.

As for nature destinations, Portland, Oregon is abundant in green leisure areas. Among the best places to see includes Washington Park, Forest Park, the Mills End Park, and the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Portland is surrounded by the equally stunning and popular cities of Beaverton, Vancouver, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego and Milwaukie.

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