Popular for the nickname “Historic Trade Post of the Pacific Northwest”, Vancouver is indeed a home to one of the longest roots of modern history in the PNW. Home to the iconic Fort Vancouver, heritage, culture and the arts is intact and very rich in the region.


Originally inhabited by the Native American tribes, the Chinook and the Klickitat nations, timber longhouses were the first type of settlement in the area. It was not until 1792 when the first European settlers arrived in the area headed by William Robert Broughton. However, European settlement did not begin until 1824 when Fort Vancouver was already established in the area. Vancouver became home to both Americans and European settlers under a joint occupation agreement.

This city in Clark County Washington is home to a population of 187,615 people and is the fourth largest city in Washington State. Interestingly, it sits on the seventh spot of the most romantic cities in the whole of the United States.

Being one of the oldest cities in the state, history buffs will be delighted with the plethora of interesting places to explore in the region. The oldest operating airfield in the West, the Pearson Air Museum is located in Vancouver. At the north bank of the Columbia River is the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Other must see destinations in the city  are Esther Short Park, Vancouver Farmers Market, the Vancouver Land Bridge, and the Vancouver Lake Park.

There are many interesting things about present-day Vancouver that you may not be aware of. The city is the home of the famous NASCAR driver Greg Biffle. Home to the famous legend of BigFoot, it is illegal to harass Bigfoot here  in Vancouver together with any other Sasquatch or undiscovered species in the area.

Fun activities and local destinations are plenty and entertaining here in Vancouver, WA. The city sits close to the Columbia River and offers a mix of modern and old-world experiences to its locals and tourists. Outdoor attractions surround the area. There are several public spaces like the Farmer’s Market. great boating spots, fabulous hiking trails and great nature views to enjoy. The Silver Star Mountain, Waterfront Renaissance Trail, and the Vancouver Lake Regional Park are some of the top nature adventures not to be missed in the area.

Job opportunities are plenty in the region. With young professionals as a major part of the community, Vancouver offers quite a number of large companies where you can start fulfilling your dream careers.  Among these companies include Intel, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon and NIKE.

Public schools and universities are high-quality and trusted in the region. The Vancouver Schools of Arts and Academics and Washington State University, Vancouver is close to the downtown center. There are two school districts in the area – Vancouver Public Schools and Evergreen School District.

Located west of Vancouver is the Columbia River Gorge while on the east is where the Willamette River flows. Several cities surround the area including Portland, Cedar Hills, Beaverton, Aloha, Cedar Mill, and Salmon Creek.

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